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Seleniumin Injection

Composition Each 1 mL contains
Selenious acid 65.4 mcg (40 mcg as Selenium)
Description A colorless and clear solution
Presentation 10 mL Vial X 10 EA
  • Basic Info


Supply of selenium in total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Dosage & Administration

For metabolically stable adults receiving TPN, the suggested additive dosage level is 20 ~ 40 mcg selenium/day
For pediatric patients, the suggested additive dosage level is 3 mcg/kg/day
Frequent monitoring of plasma selenium levels is suggested as a guideline for subsequent administration
The normal whole blood range for selenium is approximately 10 to 37 mcg/100 mL


Hermetic container, Store at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C


24 months from the manufacturing date