The health and welfare of mankind
A company pursuing the highest value

Aspiring for Better Tomorrow and Healthcare


'Building a Welfare State through Improvement
in National Health'


In 1945, 

it was the first established hope and dream

In those difficult and harsh days everywhere,
with a belief that healthy life is happiness
and a devotion to the happy life of all people,
it was a precious will for humble but prosperous future

In those days suffered from painful scars,
we made the first infusion solution in Korea
to take a step forward with such dream

Considering the health as the highest value,
based on the pride of the first invention in Korea and a long experience,
we settled as a worthy of name professional company for infusion solution
with high-notch facilities to have accomplished the dream cherished
from Myeongdong, Seoul for the first time

However, aside from our satisfactory performance
with the mind to do the best rather than the highest,
we will do our best for health and happiness

I cordially ask for your concern and encouragement
on our road ahead to keep our humble will for your health

Thank you