The health and welfare of mankind
A company pursuing the highest value

Aspiring for Better Tomorrow and Healthcare

  • CI

'Building a Welfare State through Improvement in National Health'

It was the precious will established by Mr. Insil Lee who founded Dai Han Pharm. Co., Ltd. in 1945 

and devoted his entire life to the national health as a pioneer of pharmaceutical industry in Korea 

The precious will of the founder has become not only the management goal 

but also the highest value and desire pursued by Dai Han Pharm. Co., Ltd. 

being sublimated to a company's philosophy so called 'A company working together with people'

  • Future Management

    Pursue an efficient goal
    with predicted vision
    and given motivation

  • Upright Management

    Fulfill social responsibility
    based on ethical and law
    abiding management

  • Innovative Management

    Enhance creative and challenging work competency with innovative thinking

  • Quality Management

    Policy for quality management beyond product and service

  • Environmental Management

    Aim at the eco-friendly system even considering external environment

  • 2023~2020
    2023Mr. Sungyoung Lee inaugurated to C.E.O
    Received an award of 'Export Tower' on the 60th Trade Day
  • 2019~2000
    2018Reserved land area of 16,567.3 ㎡
    and building area of 31,463.184 ㎡
    201570th anniversary of foundation
    Expanded and reconstructed a new plant
    Established WMS logistics system
    Received a plaque for the faithful fulfillment of tax liability
    (Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister for the Ministry of Strategy & Finance)

    2013C.E.O Yoonwoo Lee received an award of 'National Medal'
    Reached 100 billion won sales
    Exported the technology of a special infusion to Kazakhstan

    2010'100th anniversary of the birth of the founder Insil Lee
    65th Anniversary of Foundation
    2009C.E.O Yoonwoo Lee inaugurated to the chairman
    of the ‘Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association'
    Received an award of 'Export Tower' on the 46th Trade Day
    2008Received a plaque from the deputy Prime Minister
    on the '13th Consumer's Day'
    200560th anniversary of foundation
    Completed the new plant
  • 1999~1980
    1998Developed non-PVC infusion container
    1997Closed down ‘Tianjin Dai Han Pharmaceutical Limited'
    1995Established Tianjin Joint Investment Company in China,
    ‘Tianjin Dai Han Pharmaceutical Limited’
    1994Listed in KOSDAQ
    1992Mr. Yoonwoo Lee inaugurated to C.E.O
    Manufactured infusion in ISPP container
    1989Manufactured infusion in PVC container
    1988Established a central research center
    Completed an exclusive API Synthesis Plant
    1986Synthesis of API, Cefpirome
    1985Moved to a new main head office
    (8-3 Yangpyeongdong 4-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)
    1982Relocated to Ansan Banwol Plant
    Succeeded in the Synthesis of API, Cephradine
  • 1979~1960
    1978Changed the business title to ‘Dai Han Pharm. Co., Ltd.
    Manufactured infusion in Lupolen container (PE)
    1977Relocated the head office
    (176-87 Bukahyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)
    1976Designated for a national emergency industrial mobilization company
    (The Ministry of Health & Social Affairs No. 6)
    1974Acquired a permit to manufacture antibiotics
    (Methicillin, Gentamycin)

    1972Registered in a military supplier to the Ministry of Defense
    Supplied infusion solutions to Vietnam War
    1970Manufactured an electrolyte infusion solutions
    (Hartmann, Darrow)
    1968Relocated and built a new plant
    (481 Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul)
    Changed the business title to 'Dai Han Pharm. Industry Inc.'

    1963The founder Insil Lee passed away (April 28)
    Changed the business title to ‘Dai Han Drug Chemical Industry Inc.’
    1960Launched Seoul office
    (186 Chungjeongro 3-ga, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)
  • 1959~1945
    1959Manufactured an invert sugar infusion solutions, Inventon
    1953Manufactured the first domestic infusion
    Established ‘Korea Special Glassblower Industry'
    1952Restarted the business in Gunsan, Jeonbuk
    1948Changed the business title to ‘Dai Han Drug Chemical Industry'
    1945Established ‘Joseon Drug Chemical Industry’
    (October 14, Myeongdong, Seoul)

Meaning of Symbol

Three triangles form one big triangle to give an imagery appearance of the most ideal and stable trinity 

through the accomplishment of the motto of Dai Han Pharm. Co., Ltd.

The big circle surrounding the big triangle symbolizes the harmonious cooperation and expresses the attitude and will to step forward as a talented individual conforming to the future society through a convergence of the tradition with the contemporary idea

Blue color means a new birth and creation, which is the ideology to develop into a company that keeps and respects life for the coming future with the lesson from the past

Type of Logo

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Color Code

Pantone 2758

RGB 1/58/129

CMYK 100/87/22//7